Home content rss log in endometrial biopsy endometrial biopsy search for: home privacy policy endometrial cancer staging october 8th, 2012 by dr. viagra online Taylor leave a reply » endometrial cancer is, debatably, the most common type of cancer that affects the reproductive system of women. It is a cancer of the endometrium, which is the scientific name of the uterus lining. Usually, endometrial cancer is seen in women who have passed the menopause phase of their life because the bodily changes often result in the formation of abnormal cells in the uterine lining. buy cheap viagra The fortunate aspect of endometrial cancer is that it is, in the majority of cases, diagnosed early. buy viagra online The diagnosis of endometrial cancer is done in two phases with one being endometrial biopsy, which is biopsy of tissue sample from the endometrium and the other being dilation and curettage, which is mainly used if the first test is inconclusive. cheap viagra online If endometrial cancer is diagnosed, then the extremely important phase of endometrial cancer staging begins. viagra online The staging process, in simplest of terms, is a process where the extent of cancer is determined. generic viagra online On the basis of how much the cancer has spread within the uterus and even beyond into the body, it is classified into a stage. how long does viagra 20 mg work There are three technical criteria that are used in the endometrial cancer staging process. These are: 1. generic viagra online The severity of the tumor, 2. efectos secundarios viagra jovenes yahoo The spread of the cancer into the lymph nodes and, 3. The existence of cancerous cells in other distant parts of the body. There are primarily four stages that the cancer can be classified under, after the staging process. viagra side effects throat These stages are simply numbered from one to four with the lowest number being the least threatening. soft viagra 200mg Broadly speaking, the following are the four stages that endometrial cancer staging is based upon. can i buy viagra over the counter in thailand 1. Stage i: in stage i, the cancer does not spread beyond the myometrium which is the muscular part of the uterine wall. This stage can be further divided into two sub-stages i. E. Viagra bph study A and b. Viagra natural para las mujeres 2. Stage ii: in stage ii, the cancerous cells dominate the uterus but still have not penetrated beyond the outer layer of the uterine wall. viagra without a doctor prescription 3. Stage iii: in stage iii, the cancer is said to have spread beyond the uterus but not beyond the nearby areas such as the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, the vagina and, most importantly, the pelvic lymph nodes. can i buy viagra over the counter in thailand According to international procedures for endometrial cancer staging, stage iii can be divided into four sub categories. viagra without a doctor prescription 4. viagra online Stage iv: the fourth stage is the most severe because this stage is only called if the cancer has spread to distant parts. viagra canada free trial


In 1928, a young family moved to Sitka, Alaska. Already rich in history and rooted in faith, soon they added stories and forged bonds that were to endure across generations. Togetherness in accomplishment and tragedy, songs around the piano, and hilarious incidents involving strawberries ... all these formed character. From Sitka's beautiful surroundings sprang a love for the out-of-doors. Fresh salmon still appears at family gatherings -- along with Sitka rolls. An appreciation for birding, hiking, canoeing and climbing has passed from generation to generation. So has the cultural respect that made the young Webster family welcome in the homes of Sitka's native peoples. When the Rev. Jackson Webster arrived in Sitka, there were two Presbyterian churches; one for natives, one for whites. Unwilling to accept a division foreign to the creator of all, he united the congregations together into one family of faith.

When the family left Sitka, it grew. In numbers and in the diversity of its ideas. Time wove new threads into the tapestry of our common story. Yet a legacy endures -- apparent in the welcomes at reunions, the relish for salmon and Sitka rolls, and in the multitude of ways the new generations have fulfilled a grandfather's hopes for the future. Teachers, scientists, engineers, nurses, musicians, farmers, a journalist, software developers, a realtor, busy moms and yes, a pastor. Three generations after the little family arrived in Alaska, a great-grandson enrolled at Dubuque Theological Seminary, there to meet and be encouraged by the Rev. Walter Soboleff, a distinguished native minister from Sitka, a dynamic teller of stories with a twinkle in his eye -- who had found his inspiration under the ministry of great-grandfather Jack so many years before.

Today the Sitka Websters span the continents from Europe to California. This web site aims to re-tell the stories, for a new generation.

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