Missionary Hymn

(Tune -- St. Asaph, 8,7,8,7,d)

Holy Father, send an angel
With his tongs to take a coal
From thine ever-burning altar
Unto every Christian soul.
Let us tell the gospel story
With the valor faith imparts.
Help us bring renewing fire
Into cold, indifferent hearts.

Jesus, may our Christian radiance
Pierce the darkest clouds of sin
Grant a portion of thy splendor;
Be our light that glows within.
Make our message strong, compelling
Through the luster of the cross,
And with Easter joy dispelling
Fear of death or grief's deep loss.

Holy Spirit, come anoint us
With new Pentecostal might.
Give thy church a bolder witness
Fear can never put to flight.
Make thy people strong through friendship,
Quick to wield thy spirit's sword.
We would be a legion taking
Men and lands for Christ our Lord.