Poetry of the Rev. Jackson L. Webster

A suitable introduction to this collection of poetry by the Rev. Jackson L. Webster of Olympia, Washington, is provided by the sonnet "New Orders."

Undated, but composed sometime in the 1960s, it is typical of his best work, as to theme, form and style. Most of his best poetry is in the sonnet form; almost all his poems express his deep faith in God, and good literary style is employed with only occasional lapses into classic poetic word usages.

Jack Webster, following graduation from San Francisco Theological Seminary in 1922, served pastorates in Oregon, California and 14 years in Alaska until illness forced his retirement in 1947. From Wrangell, Alaska, his last ministerial charge, he moved the family to Olympia, which has been home for all but three years since.

Many years ago, the love and respect of his family brought about a printed collection of verses. This web site reproduces, for a new generation, the poems of Jack Webster. They express his faith and feelings in a manner we hope will touch your heart.

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