Grandfather Meditates

It seemed that each new baby set love's trap --
A cry, a smile, the help that one must lend
Uncertain feet; child's laughter on my lap,
A tale and sleepy kiss with evening's end.

My home and fatherhood grew dear
As decade fettered year to year.

Father-companion to my boys, still young,
Kings of the height, the stream, the shore we trod.
Each knew his line and reel were tightly strung,
They were magicians with a fishing rod!

My fatherhood was rich in lore
Though marriage had not reached two score.

The hawks of pain that raid our family nest
Can never break but rather forge love's chain.
Grandchildren come, new links in life's bequest,
While I, at slower tread, walk life's long lane.

So flow of fatherhood runs on --
Sunset for me, a grandchild's dawn.

June, 1967