Duet of Morning and Evening

God brings the day in gently breaking dawn,
And night's dark hosts are routed by the light.
They flee in panic as the day comes on,
Panic growing wilder with the day more bright.

God needs no hands revolving this old earth.
He simply wills the turn and day grows dim.
Again He wills, and darkened night finds birth --
No effort like a man's, when he must swim.

Sunrise, blue skies for black, for earth's dark planet
Has been revolved, a bright new day begun.
What will its hours bring mankind? Will there
Be clouds or warmly shining sun?

Night comes, and all the brilliant stars are there.
Men guess their age, but what are years to God?
Glory so great, who can be unaware?
God willed mankind -- and made him from a clod!

April, 1971